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MyBPP is a personalised online information service designed to help you keep control of the information you share with BPP. MyBPP allows you to order courses and products online and track each order you place. There is also a number of other features designed to assist you in organising your time around any courses and exams you have booked or plan to take.
My Orders
View details of all orders you have placed and track their progress.
My Details
View and edit all the personal information you have submitted to BPP. You can change your login email and/or password here.
My Calendar
Use our dynamic calendar to organise your free time around any courses or exams you have scheduled.
My Course Timetable
View details of courses you are studying, when and where they are taking place, all in one easy to read web page.
Order Courses (BPP Professional Education)
View details of all our courses and order them online. Home Study courses and CBA/CBE can also be ordered here.
Order Study Materials (BPP Learning Media)
Students rely on our study material to get them through their exams. Order yours here!

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